Credits & Gratitude

During the development of Mikoto Studio, a large number of people have contributed to the project. We would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work.

People of ExpressiveLabs

The team at ExpressiveLabs has been leading the development of Mikoto Studio since the very beginning. The following people dedicate a large amount of their time to developing this project, reaching out to the community, and creating the characters you'll come to know and love in the future.



Lead developer, Project Director

Jay Dawson


Lead designer, Creative Director

Wouter Besse


Lead AI engineer

Wouter Ensink


Technology advisor, software architect



AI engineer, developer


AI engineer, voicebank producer

External collaborators

While developing Mikoto Studio, we have also collaborated with a number of amazing external people and groups. The following people have made direct or indirect contributions to the project.


Marketing advisor


Voicebank producer

Steven van Esch

Planning, workflow optimization


UTAU compatibility support

Natalia Shmueli

Linguistic support (Misbah Studios)


2D/3D artist


Marketing & community advisor

Nathan Dreamweaver

Community advisor


Community advisor


Voice provider of Sayaka

Marc Groenewegen

Thesis/project supervisor (HKU)

Sander Huijberts

Thesis/project supervisor (HKU)

Roald van Dillewijn

Project supervisor (HKU)

Pieter Suurmond

DSP support (HKU)

Dr. Ir. G. Bloothooft

Linguistic support (Utrecht University)

The Mikoto community

This project would not be complete without the incredible feedback and effort from our dedicated testers and other community members. There are too many of you to name, but here are a few people who helped Mikoto Studio in some special way.

unluca★★★, Staircatte, 2cada, MystSaphyr, Aku P, Frenchy, Shara Delvia, ePiaeon, DuDuDanyon, Spoopy Ace, haru0l, Pascal Lieverse, and the teams of VocaTone and Misbah Studios

A special thanks to melobunii and Melody for their help in making Mikoto Studio more accessible for everyone.

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