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Starter Series


A freebie included with every Mikoto Studio license, WouterCV is voiced by our very own Wouter Besse. His deep voice was captured in a professional recording environment, and is perfect for a wide range of genres. He comes with two Expressions included: Natural and Powerful.

  • Classic UTAU CV-style voicebank with two Expressions
  • Native support for Japanese
  • Voiced by Wouter Besse
  • Produced by ExpressiveLabs


MiSingers First Generation


This happy-go-lucky astronaut is on a mission to prove the moon really is made of cheese, and nothing can stop her!
Modeled after the angelic singing voice of Indonesian Vtuber Amarynn, Sayaka is our first virtual vocalist, leading the charge for this generation.

  • Native support for Japanese, English, Indonesian, and a surprise language
  • Voiced by Amarynn
  • Produced by ExpressiveLabs


This rockstar of a cat has mischief on his mind, so hide your glassware before he- Jinshi! No! …uh-oh…
With a powerful voice fit perfectly for center stage, Jinshi debuts alongside Sayaka as the first masculine voicebank in ELEMENT!

  • Native support for Japanese, English, Spanish, and a surprise language
  • Produced by ExpressiveLabs

Sorane Mako

a.k.a. Sorane Mako 3510, 空音マコ3510

Shrine maiden reincarnates as a powerful virtual singer! Created in 2008 as an April Fool's joke, Sorane Mako will be making her AI debut as the newest addition to the MiSinger lineup. She is voiced by Japanese singer Yuzuyama and is being developed in close collaboration with the Sorane Mako development team.

  • Native support for Japanese
  • Voiced by Yuzuyama
  • Produced by ExpressiveLabs in collaboration with the Sorane Mako development team

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