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Part of the community

Join our vibrant Discord community server with our developers, testers, and the ever-growing Mikoto Studio community.

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Mailbox spam

We will send you exactly one e-mail message when Mikoto Studio becomes available for pre-order.
All other news is shared in our Discord server and via our Twitter account.

Free pizza
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Just fill out your e-mail address below, verify it through the link that we send you, and you're good to go! Oh, and don't miss the Discord server invite after verifying your entry.

Legal footnote

By joining the waitlist, you agree to receive an e-mail notification from us (ExpressiveLabs, makers of Mikoto Studio) as soon as the software is available for you to obtain. This might be through a Testing Program invite, or through regular means of purchase.
Joining the waitlist does not guarantee access to any Testing Program we host. It also does not grant you immediate access to the software.

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