UTAU Day Voicebank Showcase

We are very excited to present the submissions to the first ever UTAU Day Voicebank Showcase! We invited all UTAU creators to submit their voicebanks, regardless of popularity, language, gender...
Now it's up to you: pick your favorites and help them win this mini-contest!

We are hosting this event to provide a spotlight for the diverse group of creators that make up the UTAU community. In our eyes participating in this contest is more important than "winning". We believe that the real prize is the diversity and creativity we get to display here on behalf of you, the community.

That being said though, the most voted entries in the categories Voicebank and Design, plus the overall most voted entry, will be offered the chance to have their voicebank feature in an official Mikoto Studio demo!

Enough talk, let me vote!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via contest@expressivelabs.net.

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